I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Ray Jensen and I’m just a regular guy. I’ve spent most of my life building houses as a carpenter or getting them built as a project manager and contractor. I’ve had a fairly decent life but have made a lot of mistakes. One of those mistakes was not sufficiently preparing for my retirement. Now that I’m at retirement age, it suddenly got very important to me.

I started getting anxious and checking out all the options that I might have. I had to find one or two ways, or even more that I could put what money I did have to work for me and to find something that I could enjoy doing.

I have a lot of interests but haven’t prepared a way that I could continue doing what I enjoy without continuing to work.  I love golf and horses (I’ve been jokingly called the golfing cowboy. Just waiting for them to come out with cowboy boots with golf cleats) I and am really getting into history these days.

I am happily married and have a wonderful wife who helps me with all this. Before I started this I would have her do most of the difficult computer stuff but she still helps me and works with me all along the way. I also have two great sons with one living close by and manages the Cardiovascular Department at Providence Medical Center where I live. The other one is also enjoying his life – has a few struggles, but is doing well enough. I love them both. Back to my story.

After searching for quite a while and trying to figure out what to do, I decided on two options. One was to learn as much about the stock market as I could, and let me tell you it is a learning process and not for everyone but I am enjoying it. The other was to find something that had opportunities for growth and expansion.  Something that had options to be individual enough to enjoy and something where I could give something back in life.

What I Do Now

What I have found is something that I can grow with and learn at the same time, with tons of options of what I can put my new learning curve to use  as.  I found it. What I am doing now is another learning curve that is exciting in many ways and is bringing out  new areas of my life I have never dreamed of.  It has gotten me over many of my fears and made me far more outgoing and I believe, interesting. The help I have had along the way for some of the problems or questions that came along has been amazing. As time goes on I will have so many more options in my life than I thought possible and still allow me the time to get out and go places and enjoy the latter years in my life.

I still do the stock market but that’s a whole other story. I will be honest. This is not the easiest thing in the world to do and it does require work and commitment but I honestly believe that anyone that puts their mind and effort to it can be successful and enjoy the rewards.

Are you curious? Are you right for this? Are you willing to commit to yourself? If this sounds interesting in any way, I would encourage you to delve a little further into what I’m talking about and meet my mentors. Everyone will encourage you and help you along the way. It can be very rewarding. If I have even peaked your interest a little, check out the rest of my site and meet my mentors. Getting started is easy and the possibilities are limitless!

Those that I’m looking for are people who are generally somewhere in life that I have been because I can better help those who are coming from a place that I’ve been. Don’t get me wrong this can be for anyone in any position and I would urge anyone to try this because the options are unlimited and there are a vast range of community members from every walk of life to associate, learn with, and get help from.

So enjoy the material and I hope to see you all on the road to happy destiny.